Obe Wan Meh Nobi (Or How I Fly Dem Biggem’s)

Huzzah! The Gonja Sufi is flying around hi sec in his newly minted Obelisk aptly named “Slow Burn”. Its been almost of a month of training, 27 days to be exact and he’s finally in it. Now I just need to figure out what to do with it. I ran a huge load of frigate hulls to Eve University last night as a “thank you” for my early days in Eve. After some discussion with Kirith Kodachi and Krispy Dingo via the #tweetfleet, I’m thinking Gonja may go the Rorquel route. I still need to figure out how I’m going to use the Obelisk to its fullest potential. Maybe use it to haul massive amounts of PI stuff? So far, I’ve primarily been running loads of T2 missiles to some of Caldari mission running hubs and have made a tidy profit from it. I’ll add a good mix of drakes and ravens as soon as I can. At some point I need to get Skerrit training again. He’s halfway into a completely T2 fit Raven and really needs to finish that up.

Fly safe gentlemen.


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