It’s Been Awhile

I keep telling myself that I’ll get back to the ole’ blog and put something up. Most of the time, I don’t feel like I have anything to report. Most of the last two months has been spent shooting big ol’ red crosses that magically turn  into isk. My most “active” character (by that I mean doing more than shooting rats) has been The Gonja Sufi. As previously mentioned, he has a big nasty freighter for hauling and has been putting about New Eden in search of stuff to move. He now has some decent PI skills and is pumping out coolant like a mad man. Since PI profit is so tied to market skills, he’s been training all sorts of market related skills. Accounting V will be finished in 5 days, then it’s on to margin something or other. He’s probably got another month or so of training before I will switch the skill queue back to Skerrit Boy. Jokine has 10 days left on cruiser V, then its time to reinforce some of those fitting skills, specifically the powergrid related skills.

Last night (Easter), I joined in a roaming BC gang and headed out to Cobalt Edge as the Goons will be on extended deployment in that region. I was in a sensor boosted artycane and boy it felt nice to be back in it. I forgot how much I love those things, they hit hard and are still very fast for the size. Our gang had about 40 hurricanes in it with a couple of basilisks and even one merlin (newbies, heh). We started out and hit some jump bridges on the way out there since many of us did not have the BM’s for the bridges in the region (we used RAZOR bridges). I promptly forgot how to put enter passwords into JB’s so I got about 10 jumps behind while trying to still look cool. I failed. After a few, that newbie in the merlin clued me into the secret (right click on cap meter) and away I went. I finally caught up with the gang as they were rolling into a system that had just been greenlighted. I was one of the last ones to jump into the system and as I did, one of the slower BC’s got scrammed by a rat on the gate. He started getting blasted and so the FC asked someone to save him, so I did. As I was blasting the rat, a neutral panther jumped into system via the gate I was on. I didn’t have a point so he warped away. Our FC said not to worry about the panther as it surely would have cloaked and safed up. Almost as soon as he gave the stand down order, the panther showed up at the gate the rest of our gang was on. The dumbass then cloaked and tried burn away. Our inty pilots performed magically and decloaked the panther. He melted in under 10 seconds. I guess 40 canes would do that.

The rest of the roam was rather uneventful. We popped some dude trying to light a cyno, but aside from those kills the evening was quiet. The fleet was a nice break from the PI/market grind that I’ve been on. Just a quick random note:  I’m consistently surprised with how empty nullsec is compared to empire. the majority of systems I enter have fewer than 10 people in local and many have none.

Fly safe gentlemen.


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