Roadhouse Blues

Tantilizing. That’s the best way to describe an opportunity to shoot at Sir Molle.

I jumped on last night to kill some time while my wife was editing some photos. At first I resisted joining as I had played for 3 or 4 hours the previous night, but when my wife said that she would be busy with photos all night I went to the fridge, grabbed a Ranger IPA and joined up. The op was going to be a support fleet to a TEST system grab in M0-. There was also confirmation that Sir Molle was rounding up some troops to rally a defense, complete with his brand new Avatar. We sped to the destination system via JB’s (I think I’m getting used to these things) and spread out at our optimals (as with the previous night, this was an artycane fleet) just waiting for the hostile bridge in. We waited… and waited… and waited but nothing came. Solo bombers would pop up about 100k off from me (I believe they were on the opposite side of the beseiged station from me) and promptly disappear with a pop. We ended up taking out 3 or four bombers before the station was put into reinforce. The TCU was up next for hitting, so off TEST went with Goons in tow. By this time, we got word that Molle’s fleet was cancelled. Interesting since it was almost completely formed, ships out in space and then they just disbanded it. In place of shooting Molle, our FC designated a certain TEST pilot who had been seen in a compromising photo. The photo was of a slightly drunk male with a popped collar and a Busch Light can in front of him. Really? Busch Light? Has e’er a shittier beer been made? The picture was enough to convince me that blood needed to be spilt. Our FC had us make several fly-bys while practising Alpha-fleet tactics. Eventually the embarrassing picture was posted in local and a couple of the carriers that had been repping his ship turned their fire to him instead. Within a few seconds the Mega popped. No podding was done since he had nasty expensive implants in, apparently there were tears. I love tears.

All in all, it was a fun fleet if slightly disappointing. I’d wanted to see the giant Molle firsthand. After the fleet got back to VFK, I switched to Skerrit Boy and bought myself a Scorpion Navy issue just for the helluvit. I can’t find decent fits anywhere, although I assume it would be set up similarly to a Raven. If you guys have any fitting advice on it, I’m all ears. Until next time…

Fly Safe Gentlemen


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