Healed By The Power Of Bennie Hinn

I had a fantastic weekend. I truly truly fantastic weekend. Let me give you a quick recap: Saturday I went to Dark Lord Day which is a rather monstrous party in honor of the annual release of the extremely limited Dark Lord Russian Imperial Stout. I woke up early and had a few cups of coffee then started in on the water consumption in preparation for a long day of beer consumption. My buddy and I left Indy at 9:30 or so and arrived in Munster at 12 noon. We found our other friend from Indy and immediately opened a growler of fresh Weizengoot from Bier Brewery. We had a great time waiting in line and talking to some new friends and fellow homebrewers, I even saw a guy I went to elementary school with! I had a great time waiting in line as I got to know the guys behind me and they were fellow homebrewers. Three Floyds provided scratch-off sections on the Dark Lord tickets that gave you a chance to win the opportunity to buy one of four different limited edition bottles of Dark Lord. I ended up winning one and chose the Dark Lord aged in Pappy Van Winkle 23 year bourbon barrels. It was bottle #85 of 484 so I’m pretty excited.

Most of Sunday was spent in recovery from DLD but I managed to pull myself together enough to get into a Drake/Hurricane fleet that headed to Cobalt Edge with intentions of murder. About halfway to our destination, we got word of a IRC gang of 30-35 (we had 25) but they only had one logi and we had three. Our FC fancied our chances, so away we went.  Once in U6R, we waited on a gate (don’t remember which one) while the FC got eyes on the other side. A few minutes later, he let us know that the IRC gang was moving our way and that was our cue to slow boat to optimals. The gate began to flash and we all got weapons hot. The IRC guys started showing up on overview and the FC primaried tacklers first to go down was an Aruzu. And with that kill, I recieved my very first 0.0 KM. We were taking down tackle while waiting for the rumored Scimitar to show up. A minute after losing its gate cloak, the Scimi went down. By this point, I had been primaried and popped, I didn’t even have time to call for shields from our logi. I bounced around for a while and according to comms, IRC had brought another 20 or so BS in. I got on one more KM, I apparently shot at a Maelstrom on accident while waiting for the Arazu to be locked. Here’s my loss, you’ll notice immediately that I had a load of faction ammo in there. When the op was rolling out, the FC has said that we would be moving fast and warping in and out, as such I thought that I would have more time to GTFO if I got popped. Oh well such is Eve life. I spent my trip home watching the President speak about killing Bin Laden and while I was distracted, some asshole podded me. Dick. I was watching freedom happen. Clearly Will Clark loves Al Queda and professes Jihad at every moment. But I’m not bitter, I just love freedom and the Constitution and human rights. Which obviously Will does not. That is all.

Fly safe gentlemen…


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