Again With The Decisions!

Good morning all. I come to you seeking advice. Just some simple advice. Jokine finishes Minmatar Cruiser V in less than 6 hours and I’m feeling a bit lost in what to pursue. Cruiser V opens up a world of possibilities from a fleet perspective, but each is rather specialized. Personally, I am leaning towards logistics. The fleets that I’ve rolled out with can never have enough Scimitars. My only issue with going down that route is lack of logistics related skills. I haven’t trained any remote rep skills at all and most of my SP are in gunnery. Given the previous statement, HACs are looking awfully nice as well and AHAC gangs are rather plentiful (the vagabond is a damn sexy ship too). In your experience, what has been the most useful T2 cruiser you used and what has been the most fun T2 cruiser you’ve used. This is a rather important fork in the road for me as whatever I decide to train for will consume my training queue for the next 4 to 5 months. In the meantime, I’m focusing on getting some gunnery support skills trained up. Weapons upgrade V is slotted for training after Cruiser V is done. If I remember right, it will be a 5 day skill or so (relief after the punishment of having a 23 day skill sitting in the training queue).

Skerrit Boy has officially finished his first two solo L4 missions and used a noctis to clean them up. I can see how people would want to just run them all day for isk. The safety of the missions is rather silly and the payout with salvage makes it very worth running them. Without salvaging the missions, it becomes a borderline issue for me about whether or not they are worth running. My corpmate and fellow blogger Durz0 Smith was kind enough to lend me his Navy Scorp fit to compare my current fit with. I was pretty close to his and will be tweaking the fit as needed.

Again guys I am looking for some feedback and wwill give 15 million isk to the comment/advice I find most useful. Either post the comments here, shoot me an email or hit me up on twitter @alushinspace. Thanks!

Fly safe gentlemen

  1. Most useful T2 Cruiser? Hard to say. For small gangs I would say recon, specifically Huginn/Rapier for pinning down that primary. Larger gangs would be Logistics. Best advice I can give is tailor it to your most common fleet size.

    Most fun T2 Cruiser? HAC, specifically a Vagabond. Sooo much fun to just ‘wheeeee’ off a gate with hostiles trying to catch you.

    Did you mean Weapon Upgrades 5 or Advanced Weapon Upgrades 5? I can say that without a doubt you need AWU to at least 4 to have a passable fit for most T2 cruisers. It is a pain but you’ve gotta do it.

  2. Jokine said:

    I meant Weapons Upgrade V, I’m moving onto AWU right after that as I need it for some of the GOON reimbursement fits anyway. Thanks for the advice!

  3. I would go for the scimitar first for usefulness, then the Rapier / Huginn for the fun factor. The Vagabond can be good fun for solo and small gang work – but you need to understand it strengths and fly it well.

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