Bartender, I really did it this time…

Part of  the responsbility of owning a blog is having some sort of transparency, even if it means being a bit embarrased at times.

So here’s my confession: I lost my Navy Scorp a few nights ago due to a combination of drunkenness and exhaustion. I vaguely remember running an L4 and had only 3 frigs and 1 BS to kill when I started dozing off. At that point, I should’ve just docked up and gone to bed, but I wanted to beat the damn thing as it had dragged out for several hours. Next thing I know, its 1 am and I wake up to see a floating pod. I didn’t think much about it and docked (again, I was sleepy and fairly drunk). A few days later I log in to finish the mission and am going “Where the fuck is my Scorp?”. Then the memories flood in and I think I got the shakes for awhile. So now I’m in this slow depression thinking about my long lost navy scorp with all the faction mods that went boom. I didn’t even get my wreck since I didn’t log in for several days. In all I think I lost close to 700mil in that ship. Shit happens I guess, still… ouch.

My play time is still rather limited, but my wife is a wonderful woman and concedes one of our few nights together each week so that I can play internet spaceships. The most frustrating thing is that I have been planning these night around Goon Strategic Ops and more often than not I’ve sat in fleet for over an hour waiting for the FC to get us underway when the op is called off due to the targets not showing or some other unfortunate situation. This has happened the last three times I’ve shown up for ops and its getting a twee old. If anything drives me away from nullsec, it will be that I can’t get into large scale ops due to them being called off. I know that there are many other Eve players and Eve bloggers in this situation,so my fellow players, what do you do when the one thing you look forward to most in the game can’t occur?

In training news, Jokine has just started AWU V today and its a 27 day skill for him so I have some time before pursuing the advices of those that commented on my last post. (Don’t worry guys, said isk is still on the way, I just have to remember once I’m in game 😉 ) Skerrit Boy is back in the training loop again with Drone Interfacing V, yet another pretty long skill. I’m actually thinking of training Gallente ships for missioning and just tanking the thing to shit and siccing my drones on the NPC’s. It sounds like a lot less work, plus then I can play more fun games that waste less of my time.

Fly safe gentlemen.

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  1. I almost lost an Assault Frigate in a level 1 mission the other day when not paying attention… my first thought before I got out of the mess was damn, if I lose this it is going to be an embarrassing blog entry…

    I’m sittiing in Empire because I just can’t devote the sort of time required to support an 0.0 corp or alliance in a war. Battles that last 12 hours sound great – if you don’t have a job, wife or kids. Plenty of times I’ve lost all my game time waiting for a fleet to form, only to log when it moves out as my time is up. Or you log in to listen to the battles ragging, but can’t join as there is no logistic chain to get you there before you have to log again. Even if your Corp is ok about it – you feel like you are not pulling your weight.

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