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Well, this blog has been quiet because life and Eve have been so busy! I’ve managed to squeeze some more play time out during the week which has helped, but the main factor to all this awesome Eve fun has been Strat Ops. The Strat Ops are actually getting fights! 😯 Earlier last week, GW and TEST got together to go welp on some shit and I ended up getting on at least 15 BS kills and lived to tell about it. It was great fun.

Over the weekend, Goons decided to start running the Incursions that were popping up. Apparently the hardcore Incursion runners had made some agreement between the shield fleet guys and armor fleet guys about how to make Incursions “fair”. Heh. Apparently they don’t realize this is Eve. So GW catches wind of the agreement to farm Incursions for the full 3 days that they are around and we decide to start running the shit out of them. We don’t run them for isk or LP or the chance of BPC’s, we run them to disrupt this gentleman’s agreement between the shield and armor guys. That and the guy who heads up the BTL Pub channel, Hardin something or other is a bit of a rage joke. Heh. So this weekend I burned through three Incursions. One that was in Deklein, one in lowsec and one in hisec. The hisec one was the best.

When word got out that the terrible, awfulIRL goonies were coming to spawn the hisec Mothership, Hardin starts whipping up some fury in the BTL Pub channel. Eventually, it’s decided that they would try to lag our fleet of 70 guys out by aggroing us in noobships, dropping cans and getting Concord to fly in like crazy. Now the gentle Goons that were running this Incursion have numerous alts in that channel and had for quite some time, so all of these chatlogs have been saved. We also had our overviews set up to disclude everything that wasn’t an NPC pirate ship, so we were more than prepared for this ill attempt at stopping us. So they warp in, do their thing and we lose one guy to lag during that time. That’s it. A single guy.

Now Goons have been known to be innovative little shits in the land of Eve when it comes to game mechanic manipulation and not so long ago, they learned the hard way that purposefully trying to lag the server especially using noobships and cans is a banhammer offence. Sense the irony? So we have chatlogs the explicitly state the desire to lag us using noobships and cans, we have screenshots showing this occurring, and we also have kill mails that support all of this. In total, there are a little under 70 guys that will most likely get their accounts banned because they though they could emulate the Goons. Needless to say, we are feeling very smug since they failed at lagging us, we killed the mom less than 17 hours after the incursion spawned, and we will be getting some very overzealous fucks banned. Way to go Hardin. You are a brilliant man.

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