I don’t think any of us eve players truly realized what a terrible expansion CQ would be. Even those longtime decriers of walking avatars seemed to be holding out hope that CCP would make the content addition somewhat related to Eve. Unfortunately, none of my hopes came true. The expansion is a true disaster. Let me voice my issue with Captains Quarters itself:

First off, the small environment is incredibly unimpressive given how long it has been in development. You have maybe 250 square meters of space, thats it. It’s not exactly a lot of room to “stretch your legs” and feels a bit oppressive.

Second, for whatever reason, the faces look like shit now. During character creation, a lot of time is spent adding wrinkles, freckles, and blemishes only to have them turn into muddled garbage on their “Incarna” character. In fact, most of the textures in the stations are rather underwhelming. This is concerning given how this will be the first thing that new players see and is integral in the new player experience.

Third; the entire idea for CQ has clearly been an expansion for CCP whether in prep for later Incarna expansions or other CCP IP’s. The price of goods in the Aurum store is simply outrageous. In fact, I don’t think I have ever seen such high priced items vanity items in ANY game. I think it’s quite telling when a vanity item is priced as high as RL products of a similar type. If i have an extra $20 to spend on Eve, I sure as hell will not spend it on a single shirt for a single clone that sits in a station room smaller than my studio apartment. Hell no. I think a very large portion of active New Eden dwellers feel very misled with the expansion. The surprising thing is that the members of CSM are genuinely concerned and surprised by the release as if they too were misled. While many players can get over the lack of substance with the content (this honestly does feel like an expansion lite), it will be quite a hurdle for players to get over CCP’s response to the player complaints. The Dev blogs that have been released in response have been both deaf and insensitive to player concerns. In-game, CCP has gone a twee over board with shutting down gates into and out of Jita and closing down local. Doesn’t CCP realize that only adds fuel to the fire? The longer their response remains prideful and haughty, the more the echo chamber will build the angry voices. Even moderate voices in the Eve community are outraged by their response and seemingly 180 degree change in attitude towards the player base.

To the players that read this: Please be level headed. Obviously CCP is handling this terribly, its a PR disaster for them and will be covered by the online MMO mags around the net. Just be patient. That doesn’t mean bringing down the protests though. Keep CCP’s feet to the fire and demand honest answers.

To CCP (in the off chance anyone working there stumbles across this): Be honest and humble. You have screwed up and your attitude is awful. Be straight up with the player base about your motivations for the expansion, the price of the goods, and why you won’t promise no RM for in-game advantages. Above all, apologize. Your very active player base is angry and hurt, community leaders are outraged, and there are people quitting the hobby that they’ve loved for years.


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