I have an annuity, but I need cash now!

I logged onto Skerrit Boy’s alliance TS server just to shit it up a little bit while playing some TF2. The head of our alliance, PyroTech03, was on and we chatted for a while about the direction for the alliance and some ideas for easy people people into small gang stuff. For the most part, the US TZ guys of the alliance are all for doing some small gang stuff and are interesting in ship fittings etc. Anyway, I gave pyro some advice on hybrids and just some general fitting guidelines for them. After about 30 minutes of being complete shit at Tf2, I logged into Eve with some hopes of taking some guys out on a lowsec roam. After an hour or so, a couple of us had decided to roll out in some frigates and a cruiser. We had met in Jita to fit our ships, the headed out to the metroplis region via perimeter and Rancer. Going into Rancer, I knew that The United would be camping the gate and I jumped in to scout the gate for the other two guys. On the other side of the gate there was a gate camp of about 10 guys from united. I warped away quickly  to a celestial talked over what to do with my two other fleetmates. It was decided that our caracel would die if he jumped through, so we were going to find a way around. I warped back to the gate that had the camp at 0 and mid warp assigned that gate as my first waypoint and turned on autopilot so that I could jump through immediately. I must have actually turned on autopilot because the next thing I knew, my merlin and pod were gone. I was mostly embarrased because I was supposed to be the more “experienced” PvPer of the three and I made a silly mistake. I had to log quickly after because my wife got home, but I’m determined to get back into the swing of lowsec small gang stuff. It’s not an issue of ignorance, its an issue of practise. More to come friends.


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