Soy un perdedor

The last month or so has been quite a whirlwind for me. IRL, I’m working two jobs as a head teller at a bank and as a bartender in the evenings. Once I spend some time with my wife, I’m left with little time for eve, let alone a blog. That said, the last month has been a big one in game.

Jokine now flies HACs very well (skill-wise, experience is another matter) and is well on his way to heavy interdictors. In general, I’ve been flying a vaga and hound since I just got my torp skills to tops. The hound has been one helluva fun ship, I’m surprised that more people don’t train into them. Obviously their damage output and tank  is rather paltry when running solo, but in medium sized gangs, they can be absolutely devastating. That’s not to say that they can’t be used solo, but you have to choose your targets carefully and pay attention to what may be getting ready to land on top of you. In general, I’ve been enjoying Goons more as a social group than any specific corporation in Eve. We’ve been playing lots of Borderlands, EYE, and other games that we’ve picked up for cheap via Steam.

Skerrit Boy is where most of the shaking and moving has been going on. Back in May-ish, Abaddon Innovations joined the alliance Order of the Void. Things seemed to be going well as the US TZ guys really connected with the other guys in the alliance. We ran missions together, went out on a couple of frigate roams and generally shit it up in TS. Things seemed to be progressing as both the alliance and ABADD were making strong strides towards entering W space. It seems this is where the thorn entered. ABADD found a nice quiet C1 hole with a static to hi-sec. They moved equipment for a small POS into the hole and began to run some sites and mine. Unfortunately, I never made it in the hole due to skerrit not having any scanning or cloaking abilities (at that time, this is remedied now). It seems that there had been discussion by the rest of the member corps of the alliance to move into a C3 or better, so the alliance held off moving into ABADD’s C1. Sometime in the middle of the EU TZ prime, the ABADD POS was invaded by a rather large WH alliance. Rather than lose his cool, ABADD CEO DurzO Blint began talks with the alliance about joining it.

Now during most of these goings on, I was out of game or not logged into Skerrit. As far as I knew, things were moving along swimmingly with the C1 and things were honky dory. Imagine my surprise then when I logged in last week and find that my alliance chat has disappeared. I check the corp page and sure enough, we are out on our own again. Later that day, we are part of said WH alliance. Initially, I though that I would stay in ABADD since I had been there for 7 months or so already, but in the end my desire to play with people in my same TZ won out. Now both Skerrit and my scimi alt are in Legion of Darkwin, the executor corp for the Order of the Void alliance.

We’re currently getting set up in a C3. Unfortunately, our static is to a nullsec system that sees a lot of activity. I still have yet to move my stuff to our POS as I need to get a T2 cloak trained (a few days out yet). In the mean time, I’ve been running L4’s in my Tengu set for gank and my scimi providing the reps. It’s like Eve on easy mode (please don’t taze me bros). The whole WH experience is a very exciting one and I’m looking forward to familiarizing myself inside the hole.


Fly safe gentlemen.


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