Ghosts And Stuff

Last night I got to fly a Hound and actually participate in a bombing run! I’ve been a bit enthralled with stealth bombers ever since I saw the ship class in game. That curiosity grew even more when I heard a Declarations of War episode featuring a guy from Dirt Nap Squad. (For those of you unfamiliar with DNS, they are a group that specialize in all things cloaky.) As I remember, he was on the podcast while simultaneously leading a black ops drop. It was pretty funny when he would hit the wrong PTT button and you would get a giant string of expletives at a random corp member.

While I had been curious, I’d always been told that bombers weren’t that useful in game and so I mainly trained my gun skills and the standard alphafleet ships even though quite literally the only skill I missed for flying a Hound was bomb deployment I. So last night, I was playing some Deus Ex: HR (amazing game btw) and get a broadcast over jabber that some bombing stuff was going down. I immediately bought bomb deployment and trained it to level I. The training finished just as we got into the target system. Along the way I quickly read a couple of bombing guides to refresh my mind with the proper techniques. Once in the target system, I quickly loaded up an electron bomb, cloaked, got about 35 off the gate and waited.  While the bombers were doing this, a main fleet was trying to get an IRC gang to engage us. Unfortunately,there was a massive fuck up with mumble going down and the FC of our main fleet got DC’d. The FC of the bomber squad had to then command both fleets at the same time. Needless to say, the situation got sticky for main fleet. We had quite a few hurricanes die, but eventually the IRC gang jumped onto the gate that the bombers were camping. As soon as they landed, we launched bombs and GTFO. Unfortunately, in all the excitement I forgot the most important part of launching a bomb; pointing at the target. I had hit align, but didn’t wait long enough before I launched my bomb. As soon as I’d launched it, I warped out and cloaked at a safe. I was pretty pissed that I couldn’t Use My Erection (Parts 1 & 2) to get some kills, but I will be all the better next time. Another mistake I made was not bringing any torps with me. I was so concerned about the bombs that I totally skipped putting them in my bay, again I won’t make that mistake again.

After my failed attempt at bombing, I went back to some DX only to have another Jabber broadcast go out saying that there were PL supers tackled and to bring neuting canes to the fight. I got in fleet and we quickly took a titan bridge to the target system where we found and Avatar. We pounded it into 10% armor, but lost all of our dictors so it warped off. :rage: After the Avatar left, we got some more points in system and ended up taking down 6 carriers. After poking around, someone found a PL Nyx that had drifted out of POS shields. He wasn’t outside of those shields too long.  We’d heard his cries to get back to station and answered by popping his pod. I’m sure he’s thrilled now.

All in all, it was one helluva night. Fights and experiences like that help keep the game fresh for me and I was sorely needing that. So what’s the moral or this story? Get a jabber server and use it for broadcasting.

This song helped me stay so lucid during the fighting.

Fly safe gentlemen.


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