Good Afternoon Dear Reader

In the time since I’ve updated the ol’ blog, I’ve started a fledgling podcast (Local Spam) with none other than my corpmate mate and CEO Pyrotech03. Although we’ve only put out 1.5 episodes, more will come. The problem is we both have rather intrusive real lives (please note the sarcasm my dear wife). Outside of trying to come up with original content and not sound like complete idiots, I’ve been very busy in game mostly with Skerrit. L.OD and the entire Order of the Void alliance has been very much in sync as of late with players actually acting like they enjoy playing with each other. We’ve had several organized mining ops, an attempt to run an incursion, and an expensive wardec in which many things were learned. Pyro saw fit to give me some roles in corp so that I can push through new recruits. Which, by the way Legion of Darkwind is actively recruiting. If you are looking for a new corp that does just about everything and has a great time doing it, L.OD is your ticket. Convo or send Skerrit Boy a mail in game or join our recruitment channel LoD Recruitment. If you happen to be a PvP or industrial corp that is looking for a new home with some chill dudes and one fucking awesome/idiotic diplo, get in contact with me as well. I’m certain you’ll enjoy the experience. With me.

As far as in-game activities go, I’ve been doing some ice mining with Skerrit while playing the hell out of MAG on PS3… Oh wait that’s not what anyone wants to hear. Regardless, I’m ice mining in order to stock up on some POS fuel shit. I’ve been flying the hell out of my falcon and have been incredibly impressed with it. It is the king of jams. Along with it, I’ve recently decided I love a good cloaky tengu fit and a HAM Rook. Skerrit’s missile skills are getting pretty pro, I just need my practise to catch up, cuz damn I’m terrible at this game. 😀 Jokine has been dicking around in a cloaky Loki and having lots of fun in that along with going on some of the strat ops with goons.

Unfortunately, I’ve not had large chunks of play time at my disposal otherwise I would have much more to report on. I will attempt to become more consistent in order to make the content more day to day, we shall see.


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