It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s a Muthafuckin’ Carrier

So I’m dicking around lowsec last night in my bomber, tossin’ up prayers like Tebow (cue terrible singing) that someone gets stupid on a gate or decides to start missioning in a LSE BS. No such luck and I resign myself to making lots of bookmarks. While I’m doing this in Taff, a cyno goes up and warp to 70 and its at one of the stations. A few minutes later a Thanny drops in, a few minutes after that a Nid drops, then comes 3 more thannies and an archon.

What the fuck. Is there seriously that much isk to be made in lowsec that three separate average size (<100) corps can afford to have three carriers on field for relatively no reason? I was intrigued when watching this fight develop because all six carriers were deployed, a tengu gang with 4 or 5 tengus plus 4 basci’s showed up. Who was it? None other than that famed CDM blogger Nashh Kadavr! For whatever reason, the fight just seemed to die when they showed up. The carriers disappeared one by one until only one thanny remained. Even more strange was that all that died in Taff last night were two cyno Kestrels, a cane, and a claw; with the cane and claw being losses completely unrelated to the carrier drops.

So now I’m just plain confused about lowsec. It has been almost a year since I’ve lived there, but is lowsec just consistently a rather dead place until someone starts dropping carriers? Or is was this a space oddity? For you long-time lowsec dwellers, is there that much cash  to be made in lowsec?

I’m currently wrapping my mind around the role of a diplomat and all the things that entails. For our Order of the Void, that mostly means damage control internally and externally, but with things being so smooth as of late I’m beginning to turn my eye outward. Coalitions. I consider myself to be a fair wordsmith and a jack of all communication. I do this in my job every day and am very very good at it, yet I’ve not put this particular skill to real use in game. With goons the encouragement is to use a silver tongue to steal and damage and while I suppose I could do that, I’d rather build. So back to the real problem at hand; finding suitable alliances/corps to build a coalition with. I’m currently listing and beginning to figure out how to market not only L.OD for OotV to potentially beneficial allies. As this is a game of relationships, I’ve got to start building vast ones. With our impending move to lowsec, this friendship building will be more crucial than ever.

For any reading this, what has built bridges in the past with you? What has burned them? Have you been part of the hush hush lowsec coalition culture? As always, I’m learning. Enlighten me.

I’ve gotten a bit away from posting about drinking, mainly due to the three tengus and a loki its cost me, but it’s time to get back in the saddle. As the Lush in Local, I’m prejudice against no alcohol. I welcome them all eagerly to my mouth. Over new years, my wife and I finished up the show Entourage with another couple, but shortly before watching the final episodes my buddy and I ran to a liquor store to grab some booze. When we were perusing the shelves we found Avion Resposado tequila. This was interesting as Avion is a key component of the show for a season or so, and even plays a role in the final episode. We couldn’t resist getting a bottle. We got margarita mix as my friend was not a huge fan of tequila but when we poured some into snifters, both of us were made believers. The tequila itself has much more in common with a single malt scotch than jose cuervo. I got citrus notes (a bit of guava also) at the same time as a bit of charred oak. It was delicious. I’ve never wanted to sip tequila straight but its a winner, also makes one helluva margarita. So there’s the ol’ alchie update. Avion’s a winner, not just a pretty face.


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