Small Annoyances

So I went and got a 60g SSD last night and began tearing my PC apart to install it. I figured that reinstalling all of the software would be the biggest pain since would have to install all the drivers for the MOBO as well as XP then upgrade to 7 via a student upgrade code. My figuring was wrong. I got everything hooked up correctly, popped in my XP disc to boot from and the computer would promptly shut down mid way through installing the initial drivers. Not a good situation. I ruled out the power supply and the CPU itself, so I called a fellow Goon for advice and he asked about overheating. I didn’t think it was an issue because I was feeling the CPU itself and it didn’t feel hot, so I jumped into the BIOS and it was running at 89c. He flipped a bit. So I ran over to his place and grabbed some thermal compound and he gave me a new heatsink, installed them and boom it works like a dream. Now I’m on to the 24 hours of windows XP and windows 7 updates. Oh joy.


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