Behind The Times, But All the Rage

I’ve just been enlightened by my friend Pyrotech03 about the whole drama of the Eve Online Bloggers portal going down soon and Black Claw letting the domain fees lapse. While I certainly think that Black Claw’s personal “house cleaning” is a great thing, I don’t think that letting the domain die is a good thing. Practically there are several ways to avoid losing this site. The easiest would be to set up a donation drive for BC, people could donate a few bucks here or there and voila, the site stays open. Goons just finished up their annual server drive and in the span of a few days collected a little under $5000 since the start of the year. Yes you read that right, FIVE GRAND. I would imagine that donations would come in rather quickly to cover the domain fees. Another option is to simply transfer the domain stuff to another interested community partner, obviously payment info and stuff would need to be changed but that guarantees that the site doesn’t go down for a single day and takes the responsibility off BC for anything that goes wrong with the site. Then there’s the combination of the two, which would most likely be the best option. Transfer the domain to another party and they can raise the funds via the community if the individual does not wish to pay for it out of pocket. With all that BC certainly can and should do what he wants. It would also be stupid for the community to apply pressure on him as that would most likely push him further away from the Eve community.

Seismic Stan wrote an interesting post on the whole subject a week ago. For the most part I agree with his implications that CCP is showing favoritism towards certain eve “celebrities”. Let me get a couple of things out before I go on my rant; 1) I am not jealous of the popular eve personalities 2) I do not give 1 single fuck about site traffic 3) I give even less fucks (read: negative fucks) about whether or not people respect or value my opinion. I know very little about this game and my analysis is even worse than my knowledge. /commence rant.

The whole eve celebrity thing is a bit ridiculous. Take a step back and realize that the people behind the avatar are simply people. For they most part, they go to work and come home to family or friends and spend time playing a game.  With that said, I do scratch my head as to how/why CCP picks certain people to be highlighted. For example: Mintchip. I’ve no fucking idea why CCP would spotlight anything she does. I’m not a mintchip fan because I don’t think her content is that great, its mediocre at best (yes lulz, making my content terrible). She covers far too much general video game content to be spotlighted as well. Just to clarify my position, I’m not against Mintchip in general, but only in her celebrity status in connection to Eve. There are numerous other examples to cite, but I’ll just stop with her. Mainly because I’m a massive, throbbing chauvinist.

If the community is frustrated with CCP’s spotlighting, then let’s create our own. Just as inside the game, the most compelling content is always created by the player base so the player base needs to take up the mantle yet again. We had CK and BC doing this stuff, notice a problem? They’re individuals. Are individuals in Eve typically successful? Certainly not as successful as groups working together. Players often burn out and leave the game; it just happens. It would be nice to see the a communal site created and run by several people and funded by the people taking advantage of its services. It wouldn’t be too difficult to do given the camaraderie of many in the tweetfleet and the blogging community. The main obstacle is finding those willing to take the responsibility.

As a side note, I find it rather stupid that there are free “press accounts”. Eve is a good enough game with passionate enough players that CCP need not give away “press accounts” to bloggers. Hell, CCP makes it easy to play their game for free anyway.

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