I’ve had a pretty decent last week. I finally got my computer up and running in no small part to two goons (and Rose Hulman CS grads). Me and Randomus_Namus and Sarnell Argento were meeting up for an evening of debauchery (which is really the only kind of night goons can have right) and general drunken buffoonery when all of our plans were thwarted by computer after computer shitting itself. For example, prior to going to Sarnell’s place, my desktop was finally working. I’d logged into Eve and was happy with the performance, but when I got to Sarnell’s the damn thing had the BIOS problem again. He switched some shit around as far as actual SATA ports used and messed with some stuff in the BIOS and viola it worked. While my computer was busy reshitting itself, Randomus’ was basically vomiting out of its CD drive. In the end, I think Randomus used my spare laptop and it was so late and we were so drunk that we didn’t do anything besides shit up Jabber and mumble. It was a good time regardless.

I’ve barely had time since then to log in and do anything. The Order has been dead as far as PvP stuff goes, so I think its about time to schedule another “Skerrit’s Gonna Get Drunk and PvP” op. In other news, this very night, a new episode of Local Spam is going to be recorded. Fortunately I have plenty of beer and water, but I’ll probably just stick with bourbon and water due to the embarrassment of drunkenness last episode. Peace out e’ryone.


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