Early Spring

I’m creating an early spring for myself and taking a new direction for one of my characters. For a while now I’ve trained nothing but minmatar and gallente frigate and have put all navigation (related to subcaps) to V and am within a few months of having “perfect” gunnery support skills. For the most part, he’s spent his existance spinning around lowsec while in Legion of Darkwind, but alas no more. He has dropped roles and is heading to RvB, specifically Blue Republic. In a few hours, I’ll have my app in and will hopefully be in corp and losing rifters and tristans by saturday. I’ve got a shit ton of frigates fit up and will start training cruiser hulls in a month or so, right about the time I start to heavily FC (if things go according to plan).

I’ve missed FCing. Quite a bit actually. Admittadely, I’m terrible at solo PvP and am certainly no expert in fleet operations but I think I do a fair job. The guys in Order of the Void will probably tell you that I’m extremely good at getting them to lose their ships while somehow managing to disengage from the fight and live. In Goons there is ample opportunity to lead fleets, but I’m still rather disoriented in 0.0 even though I’ve been out there for over a year now. I’m a twee frustrated with myself for not taking more intiative on it and it is something that I’m looking to remedy, we’ll see how it goes. I’ve missed the E-Uni days of small gangs every night without having to worry about 50 carriers dropping on your head and spoiling the fun, at the same time I love being part of the obvious large story of Eve. Eve is one of the few games where you can have your cake and eat it too. Here’s to cake.



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