Wardec Mechanics

Wardec mechanics. Giant, broad title right? Unfortunately the below thoughts will be more venting than and sort of creative solution finding.

Here’s a little story. Skerrit’s alliance, Order of the Void, was wardecced by a merc corp, The Ghost Division. In repsonse, The Void hired the mercs from the Double Tap alliance to fight them. There was a big showdown when Ghost was destroying one of our alliance POS’ and D-Tap showed up with a bunch of guys.

Ghost used some very creative mechanic manipulation and had everyone without roles switch to the corp that had hired them to wardec us (Violent Love, who was already at war with us). This is where it is interesting, since D-Tap hadn’t been hired to dec Violent Love, they didn’t so there was no way they could have engaged them without mighty concord coming along. In the end the POS was lost as our alliance couldn’t get enough dps around to drive them off (out of our prime time). but this situation did get me thinking about the tactic used.

The frustrating thing on our end was that even if D-Tap would’ve wardecced Violent Love, they couldn’t engage in combat for 24 hours and our assets would have been lost anyway. In this case, the mechanics stopped us from being able to call in the help we needed. I suppose we could have had the D-Tap guys join one of our corps, but should wardecs really be reduced to such mechanic manipulation? As stated, the guys in Ghost were rather creative in their solution to the problem, respect to them for it. But the whole thing just struck me as incredibly frustrating. With CCP’s recent allusion to revamping wardecs, I’m eager to read upcoming dev blogs about the issue.


edit: this was started a couple of weeks ago and only finished today.


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