Dear Moral Majority, Christian CoalitionDOT, and Pubwaffe


The Mittani is banned. Praise Jesus.

What did you expect? Are you shocked that Mittens made lightof a rather ridiculous eve mail? Or are you more that shocked that the sentiments were expressed in such a public forum? The amount of self-righteousness from the eve community Moral Right is incredible. Pat Robertsons abound. While you lot are busy crucifying Mittens, you seem to have forgotten that this was a CCP sanctioned event. CCP should have been in control of everything. Was the Q&A session not scheduled? Was it not at the the convention center? Were there not CCP employees there that could have intervened?  Had there been actually any (legal) wrong doing here (aside from terribly insensitive comments) the lawsuit would have been directed at CCP as hosts of the event, so I find hilarious that the Pubwaffe at large haven’t turned their collective anger to CCP as well.

Mr. Mike has shown some surprise at the STOG that was given last night, mainly that Mittani has not turned into the humble ever altruist Moral Majority [JESUS] wants him to be. What you all should be surprised about is that Mittani was genuinely sorry, even to Goons, for what he said. What you should not be surprised about is that Mittani is still as smug and arrogant as ever. These are qualities that make him one of the most interesting personalities in eve and get the great goon machine into motion.

A broader question that deserves looking at is who is this game designed for and who is it actually for? The ESRB rating says T for Teen, but that’s really who should be playing this game. This is a game for adults (18+). Look at local chat the majority of the time, it’s full of people trying to pull of the best lies or people using brilliant communcations skills such as “Fuck you noob” etc. The latter example is an extremely prevalent attitude and reply in this game and that is considered as adult language, no? Certainly not within the guidelines a T rating. (Obviously this doesn’t comply with EULA but seriously, EULA?). Now lets look at fanfest. It’s several days of glorified drunkeness. It has keynote speeches that ask the crowd to say “Fuck Yeah” three times to watch a trailer that will on youtube mere minutes later. Yes Moral Majority, you certainly have the high ground here and mittani’s 30 day ban was completely warranted given what I’ve previously stated.

I’m not saying Mittani’s comments were appropriate, clearly they were not and he has sincerely apologized. The massive amount of self-righteousness is amazing given how many times I’ve seen “Goons need to die” or some variation of that from the same subset of Eve that were horrified by the Mittani’s comments. Am I missing the difference between Mittani’s comments and the literally thousands of characters that have uttered those words over the years? In words and attitude there is not; in fact, The Mittani’s comments can be taken far more jokingly than most Pubwaffe members’.  So unless you are trying to take political advantage of the situation (then by all means, beat your breastplate of righteousness), try to not be a retard for five seconds.

Thanks for the read.

 P.s. I like Mike’s blog, no disrespect is meant to him.

By the way, this was a ~goodwrite~.


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